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Imagine twelve months from now, you find yourself and your business in a very different place – a great place. Brimming with potential. Opportunities abounding. It is exciting, even if it feels a little edgy - as in it's new territory, and things are moving quickly.


You are here because last year, you made a decision. A big decision. To bring in some assistance to grow your business. You heard about a consultancy a little different to the rest. A consultancy that helps you unpick the challenges you’re experiencing in your business one by one, demystify the blind spots, identify what’s really going on and define the strategy to help your ideal customers connect with the true essence and value you offer in your market.

You now have some very valuable assets – clarity, control and confidence. You understand what your market thinks about your offering, what your brand really is, how to build it and cut though the increasing noise, and most of all, how to explain it so the message lands and creates impact. You know how to grow your business infrastructure and operations around this so it’s sustainable. You have a proper strategy you can forecast around that actually makes sense.


Income grows. Growth accelerates. You can now focus on doing what you do best, fully equipped for success. You are in very good hands and you have the mentoring and support as long as you need until this growth is fully integrated into the business. You are glad you made this decision. Yes, it was an investment – of money, of time and especially of trust. But it has paid off. All that frustration, confusion and anxiety is behind you.


You chose a consultancy with a lot of experience. One that truly understands people, and businesses and brands. A consultancy that specialises in growing growth-stage, innovation-driven companies around the globe. That understands the very specific journey and challenges you have faced, and correctly triaged your unique scenario to guide you to your goals with commitment, care and camaraderie. A consultancy of professionals who partner with you, comfortable dealing with your investors and stakeholders, with an exceptional network of specialists a phone call away. A consultancy that didn’t shy away from a challenge (in fact, quite enjoyed it). That had the testimonials and top industry awards to prove it.


You look back on that investment with satisfaction and relief. There is a clear before and after. During that time, you learned a lot. You grew a lot. With their help, your business is evolving rapidly, disrupting your market, and you are instIlling capacity into the business so it can continue building successfully, standing on its own two feet. The sky's the limit.


This is The Growth Accelerator experience. A signature marketing and management consulting program designed with 25 years' game-changing, market-disrupting, multi-award-winning experience to empower growth-stage, innovation-driven businesses to step into their true potential, quickly. By application.


Find out why our clients say it delivers more value than consultants who charge one million dollars.


“Well, what could I say that would do justice to the expertise that Amanda brought to the table? I'm not that much of a literary genius to put that into words.

Amanda's understanding of the branding process is second to none and her ability to pick out exactly what our customer ACTUALLY loved about us has been invaluable. She is a joy to work wth and brought a whole new dimension of thinking to the company. Our 3 year plan is starting to be implemented now and it's just so nice to have some direction that isn't just "throwing mud at a wall and seeing what will stick." Amanda has instilled the whole company with a lot of confidence and a plan that is already starting to pay off.”

Dr Evan Shaw, Founder of

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