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"In months, working with Brand Savvy has delivered more value than consultants who charge over one million dollars. Amanda is leading us through a structured, well-paced process. It’s been great to have someone outside the organisation guide us through our blind spots, help with analysis and move our thinking out of the box to gain a much more holistic perspective. Whether you want to grow a company, sell a company, or communicate more clearly with staff, suppliers and customers, you should do this.”

James Chen, CEO

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"Well what could I say that would do justice to the expertise that Amanda brought to the table? I'm not that much of a literary genius to put that into words.

Amanda's understanding of the branding process is second to none and her ability to pick out exactly what our customer ACTUALLY loved about us has been invaluable. She is a joy to work wth and brought a whole new dimension of thinking to the company. Our 3 year plan is starting to be implemented now and it's just so nice to have some direction that isn't just "throwing mud at a wall and seeing what will stick." Amanda has instilled the whole company with a lot of confidence and a plan that is already starting to pay off.”

Dr Evan Shaw, Founder & Managing Director

"The demand for and impact of tech in Europe is changing faster than markets and government can keep up with. When we were ready to launch Zellabox into Europe, amid huge changes to regulations and infrastructure, we needed to clarify the global brand positioning and develop a competitive regional launch strategy. Brand Savvy assisted us with this, also developing the marketing strategy to target blue chip clients with recommendations for commercial strategy and to repurpose existing marketing materials, on time, on budget and very professionally."

Angie Keeler, CEO

"Amanda has been working with me for over 18 months, assisting me with marketing, PR and media strategies. What she has done for my business in that time is nothing short of miraculous. She works with ideas and visions and has an amazing ability to call on her network to just make things happen, and I often say that she has waved a magic wand over everything she has touched for me. My business would not be what it is today without her."

Karen Justice, CEO

“Our company approached Amanda as she came highly recommended to help us establish our brand. Being a start up that didn’t have much experience in the online marketplace, Amanda helped us develop and implement a brand strategy to best showcase ourselves across the country. We would recommend Amanda to anyone that needs help with brand awareness and market strategies. She is easy to deal with, isn’t afraid to be challenged and gets the job done.”

Anthony Tripolino, Co-Founder

“Amanda assisted us with the enormous task of re-branding our organisation. Her services were flexible and tailored to our needs; she was able to assist in key niche areas where we lacked expertise including brand and communications strategy. Amanda is easy to work with and a great listener which enabled her to really understand our organisation, our people and the way we work. It was this understanding that enabled Amanda to help us to achieve our goals.”  

Jana Hall, Director of Corporate Services

“Amanda worked with us as our Media and Marketing Manager in a freelance capacity over three festivals. She is efficient, organised, perceptive, a real people person and exceptional with strategy and campaign management.”

J’aimee Skippon-Volke, Festival Director

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"How quickly Amanda turned things around.

I already had a well established business advisory/accounting firm and wanted an expert to undertake a strategic marketing review, make recommendations then see to systemically implementing those actions. I found Amanda through a mutual network and knew straight away, this is the sort of person I want on my team. She had plenty of experience, called a spade a spade, has won numerous awards and took the time to understand our values and direction.

We initially got super clear on who we are, where we are going, competitors, target market and what makes us awesome. Next came a rebranding exercise, a social media strategy, a website revamp and help editing a digital book I wrote. All this in a matter of months and if I hadn't have engaged her, honestly, all of the above would just have kept getting pushed back.

Amanda has the runs of the board, understands how the "marketing department" of any business should work, runs amazing workshops that could literally take everything I had in my head and present it back in words and images, plenty of laughs along the way and importantly, fantastic outcomes. So many marketers or agencies I had spoken with were one trick ponies. Not Amanda. 

I would easily recommend Amanda, she will quickly become a valuable asset of your marketing team."

Brad Turville, Director | Business Growth

“I started my journey with Brand Savvy to propel my business from good to great. Amanda’s dedication to truly understand my business has left me with total confidence that her recommendations will be beneficial to my company and deliver the change I’m looking for. Since starting work with Amanda I have already seen changes to the business. New opportunities have presented themselves within weeks and I feel much more positive towards both the company and my own future; it's like someone took all the leaves off the apple tree, all I can see is apples... It would have been great to discover them years ago.”

Joe Biggs, CEO

“Amanda worked with me to urgently craft a strategy and execution plan for the launch of The Good Beer Co.’s Love2 Beer through a major national campaign, Toast 2 Love, that fundraised for the Australian Marriage Equality movement. She’s a smart woman with a lot of experience, so as a start up with limited resources, when time was of the essence she was able to understand the issues and help me to quickly focus on the strategy and solutions, also working with me on the execution and making recommendations for creative agencies and other contractors needed to deliver it. Over a very short space of time she delivered advice that has been critical to the success of Love2 Beer as a new product.” 

James Grugeon, Founder

“It was late January 2017 when I phoned Amanda and asked if she would assist me to market a new concept to make International Women’s Day in the Noosa and Sunshine Coast Shires to become a major cultural event. Her enthusiasm and immediate commitment was inspiring and our subsequent maiden event sold-out and was a runaway success.

Women Initiating New Directions Organisation (WINDO) Inc. was officially named a NFP organisation in May 2017. Amanda has remained on board guiding WINDO through all the strategic groundwork including creative and innovative ideas, marketing, financial and strategic planning and networking. Her professional attitude and experience is exemplary. 

Amanda is more than a resourceful strategist and pragmatic thinker she is a creative dynamo! Her communication with the WINDO committee and with our collaborative partners, Government, NGOs and Sponsors is at all times skilled, focused and productive. Her knowledge base is well researched, expansive and specific to the WINDO target market.

When I made that fateful phone call in January I had no idea that the intelligent and delightful young woman at the end of the line would be a pivotal key player in the success of our relatively new organisation. WINDO Inc. has achieved phenomenal milestones over the past 10 months. We could not have achieved this without the guidance and input from Amanda.”

Jeanette Dal Santo, Founder & President

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“Thanks so much to Amanda and her team for the great marketing work she did for us as part of our international recruitment strategy. I would definitely recommend them for those looking to develop their marketing strategy, especially those in the UK looking to recruit from other countries.”

Kimberley Brook, Project Manager

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"Amanda Blennerhassett has the amazing ability to see below the surface of my business. This ability has meant she has been able to formulate a truly impactful marketing strategy. Being a Coach specialising in Emotional Mastery, I have aways found it difficult to find anyone who actually understands what I do and Amanda not only understands but can also see how to make it a marketing success. Since working with Amanda the clarity of my direction, the impact on the world and my appeal to my potential client's has skyrocketed. If you want to kick your business to the next level then Amanda is certainly my recommendation to help you with that."

Liana Allison, Founder

“I approached Brand Savvy when I needed to know our market position, create a marketing plan and streamline the message of our business. I wanted ideas, tools and expert advice. Amanda listened. She got me and she was honest, even when it was hard. Having worked with other marketing consultants that I couldn’t make any sense of or headway with, Amanda wasn’t all talk; she got the job done! I now have a clear marketing plan that began with short-term money-making strategies while we did her Brand & Marketing strategic planning process to put in place the plans for long-term profitability. Amanda is great; she’s on your side even when it is a bit tough, encouraging you. I’d definitely recommend her.”

Anika Brizuela, Owner & Director


“We have had an amazing ROI on our session with Amanda, our customer base is up 50% since we implemented her strategies for us.”

Tess Lehman, Founder

“I felt like I was spinning my wheels in my business, not getting any traction, and my income was going nowhere. A friend recommended Amanda’s coaching and marketing services. Over the past few months, her very savvy advice has helped me focus on what is most effective & profitable in a very actionable way – I’ve gone from overwhelm & confusion to doing what needs to be done to succeed. With her support I’ve created a first draft of an online marketing funnel and training product, which has already returned profits. Amanda is very good at what she does, and I’d encourage you to ask her to help you take your business to the next level.”

Dr. Edward Bassingthwaighte, Founder

“Amanda has a real superpower with business owners who want to make a big impact on the world. She is as sharp, perceptive and strategic, as she is creative, insightful and caring. Working with her has helped me to see things that no other coach or mentor has and really unlocked a huge part of my business and its value to me. I recommend her with hand on heart, do not delay getting the coach you need to go to the next level – you will not regret it!”

Producer on Purpose – Melanie Fawcett, Founder + Storyteller

“I chose Amanda as a Business Coach after contacting almost 10 agencies to help me with a new business that I am trying to start up. I felt like other agencies were very process driven, not flexible, had a set structure and were not very personable. Amanda was very flexible, understood what I needed and was able to give me really personalised advice. She has given me a lot of good ideas and also great feedback on what I could be doing differently. I’d definitely recommend Amanda.” 

Mirosuna - Sally Lo, Founder

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