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How to harness your purpose for profit


Amanda Blennerhassett from Brand Savvy chats with Renee Hasseldine from Share Your Passion

How do you build your business around a purpose you're passionate about? How can that lead to something as powerful as you changing your industry?

In this episode of the Leveraged and Loving It Podcast with IP Queen Renee Hasseldine, Brand Savvy Founder Amanda Blennerhassett shares how to harness your purpose for profit.

We cover:

- How do we identify our purpose in business?

- Why should businesses put purpose at the of their business?

- How do we make that profitable?

- Connecting with your customers and crafting an offer that works for them

- The golden triangle for a profitable product

- How a Signature System can help you to educate your audience

- The keys to success to turn purpose into profit

Listen via the website or on iTunes.

Not sure how to harness your purpose for profit? Get in touch and we'll show you how.


Amanda Blennerhassett is a multi national award-winning Brand, Marketing and Business Growth Strategist.

She works with innovators, thought leaders and disruptors to help them cut through their competition, build brands with wow factor and grow their businesses.

Follow her on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

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